has a stronghold in Indonesian daily life. Coffee life has been dated back to the 1800s, brought by the Dutch during the colonization of coffee plantations and became part of Indonesian life. Until now, the coffee culture is one of the most renowned in South East Asia. Indonesian climate and topography create the perfect environment for coffee plants. The richness of Indonesian soils makes distinct taste notes, and variants from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali and Flores became household names in coffee shops around the globe.

The story of coffee

Quality and Equality

Specialty coffee...

As we continue our work with local farmers, our focus has turned to specialty coffee. Our curators work closely with the farmers to ensure quality processing. Our goal is to introduce Indonesia's lesser-known speciality coffee to the world. We work only with the most tested and trusted coop and farmers which produced the highest quality beans.  

Dityabumi is working with coffee farmers to bring back the legendary specialty coffee. The aim is to increase the welfare of the farmers through education and empowerment to increase the producing capability. As the demand for coffee continues to rise and Indonesia ranks number 4 globally, we believe that farmers enjoy the fruit of their labor.

By working directly with farmers we can provide variety of selection. We provide green bean and custom roasted coffee. We ship everywhere in the world. Contact our representative to know about current crop to spot trade.

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